iTunes App of the Week: Angry Birds

iTunes App of the Week: Angry Birds

By: on March 07, 2013

Let me get this straight, you’re an iOS user but haven’t yet experienced the bird flinging awesomeness that is Angry Birds? The time couldn’t be better because as of today, Angry Birds is the iTunes App of the Week! Included are both the standard Angry Birds for iPod/iPhone and Angry Birds HD for the iPad.

You can download Angry Birds now for free on either the iPod/iPhone (iTunes link) or iPad (iTunes Link)

Have fun and have no mercy for those dreaded pigs!

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  • James Mcgraw

    Cool love free games.

    • James Parkin

      Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been holding off on buying the HD version since I already own the standard version on my iPhone, but can’t pass up free!