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By: on July 18, 2013

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DeveloperGames Foundry
PublisherGames Foundry
Preview Platform: Steam (PC)
Preview Copy Provided ByGames Foundry
Release Date: TBD


You haven’t bathed in weeks. Trapped deep in the belly of an old ship, your stomach, much like the ocean around you, churns and rumbles. As you look upon the other settlers crammed into the hold with you, you begin to wonder, was it all worth it? You close your eyes; in your mind you can see it, the reason for this long journey. Perfectly square, beautifully toasted, and sitting atop, like some majestic king, a perfect pad of butter. And in the end you know the journey will be worth it, for upon the shores of the new land you will find your greatest love, buttered toast.

Folk Tale

Developed by Games Foundry, Folk Tale is a fantasy city builder game in which player assumes the leadership role for a group of displaced settlers seeking freedom and an unlimited supply of toast. As is typical of the genre, gameplay revolves around the construction and expansion of your city, managing your resources, and defeating hordes of enemy units in defense of your village. While currently in alpha, Folk Tale allows early adopters to play through a guided tutorial to gain a feel for the game. As development progresses, according to Games Foundry, they will continue to add additional content in the form of standalone mini-games until they are ready to release the sandbox mode, which will be the main feature of this title. For now, Folk Tale exists solely as a guided tutorial, and while the tutorial only provides around an hour of gameplay, it does an excellent job outlining the basic functions of Folktale and leaving the player excited to see where the game will eventually end up.

Folk Tale

Unlike the majority of the city builders which focus on realistic or historical settings, Folk Tale is not only a world of magic, but a humorous world reminiscent of the towns and cities found within another favorite title of mine, Fable. Almost from the start, the tutorial illustrates just how cheeky the various villagers will be and shows a nice departure from the normally serious and dry city builders I’ve played. From here the game is fairly straight forward; following the tutorial introduces you to the basics of resource gathering, town construction, and combat. To be fair, the tutorial does contain a small number of visual oddities, the unit pathing can be a little frustrating at times, and the controls can take some getting used to in their present state, but given the level of commitment to the community Games Foundry has shown, I am confident that all of these issues will be resolved as the game moves forward.

While some may be hesitant to buy a game in early access, I encourage everyone interested in Folk Tale to view the video illustrating the direction and goals they have set for the game. I will be following the development of Folk Tale closely and look forward to returning to it as more content is released.

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