• James Parkin

    James has been gaming since he could walk and enjoys anything related to Battlefield, Grand Theft Auto, or hot wings.
  • Anthony Martinelli

    Anthony lives near Seattle, Washington, and has been a steadfast gamer his entire life. He considers videogames to be a legitimate artform with vast cultural impact.
  • Brandon Koch

    I write stuff. I play stuff. I code stuff. Former achievement whore. Future trophy whore. Current video game whore...always and forever.
  • Chris Catt

    A burgeoning writer with aspirations of grandeur, Chris is an avid gamer with a particular fondness for the history of the video game industry. When he's not playing games, Chris can be found watching movies, collecting comic books, watching pro-wrestling, and attempting to share his opinions on these topics with anyone who will listen.
  • Cydney Moore

    Cydney considers herself a perpetual newb, entering each game with a fresh perspective and open mind. She resides a stone's throw from the Emerald City, and likes enjoying the local greenery.
  • Dimitri Gedevanishvili

    Dimitri is a busy fella living, working, and going to school near Seattle, Washington. Video games and writing are his passions and he hopes to combine them into a career one day.
  • Eldar Basic

    Eldar is a Bosnian guy that currently has lodging in Dallas, Texas. When he isn't busy playing Super Street Fighter IV or Rezogun, he is creating Electronic Music with his trio, Laserheart.
  • Elijah Diamond

    Elijah Diamond lives in the city of San Francisco, California. He started playing video games when he was two and never stopped, much to his parents dismay. On weeknights, he can be found smiling creepily right behind you.
  • Liam Lambert

    Liam lives in Lincoln, UK (the land that time forgot) and as such has to spend most of his waking moments playing videogames or else slum it with the family accountancy business. He enjoys comic books, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Nathan Fillion.
  • LJ Liffengren

    I'm a nerdy teen who loves all things related to video games and Oreoes.
  • Mariah Beckman

    Mariah lives in Seattle, and is really 3 midgets inside a lady suit. She has a pet pot-bellied pig named Bebop, and may one day change her name--legally--to Rocksteady.
  • Robert Gannon

    Robert is a writer and music director from NJ. He plays a lot of games and consumes a lot of strange horror, sci-fi, and fantasy media.
  • Tim Allen

    Tim has been a gamer since the very first Goomba in Super Mario 3 killed him one Christmas. He lives outside of Detroit and is very picky about music and beer.
  • Zach Giehm

    Zach lives in some purgatory between Seattle and Burien and has been gaming as early as he can remember.