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Liam lives in Lincoln, UK (the land that time forgot) and as such has to spend most of his waking moments playing videogames or else slum it with the family accountancy business. He enjoys comic books, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Nathan Fillion.

SpeedRunners Updated Preview – Rise of the Falcon


SpeedRunners is an overlooked gem that demonstrates exactly how Steam's Early Access platform should work. In this updated preview, we're taking a look at the game's latest update, "Rise of the Falcon", as well as other major changes to the game, to see if SpeedRunners is still way ahead of the competition. Read More »

GoG Announces its own Steam Competitor, “GoG Galaxy”


CD Projekt is expanding its online distribution service Good Old Games, with its own Steam-esque library component. Known as “Galaxy”, this service is being directly touted as a Steam competitor, only with more of a focus on reducing always-online requirements. The client will also feature optional automatic patching and some ... Read More »