Why Second Son Is A Broken Game


Original Author: Jacob Steiner Infamous: Second Son is a game. There! I said it. You can shoot people in the face with fireballs and stuff. And, you can fly around. The citizens even cheer you on. That’s pretty cool. I guess. But, there are some parts of Second Son that really get me ... Read More »

Why Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad Is A Disaster


Original Author: Jacob Steiner The Wii U is a pretty good console. It has video games, graphics and a controller. Honestly, though, I think that the controller needs an upgrade. It just doesn’t work! And, that, people, is just disgusting. Oh, it’s so disgusting. Yuck! The Touchpad Has No Multi ... Read More »

10 DLC Packs Thief Needs To Reclaim Its Throne

10 DLC Packs Thief Needs To Reclaim Its Throne

Original Author: Jacob Steiner When I first started Thief, I felt like I was breathing a fresh breath of air. As I continued the campaign, I began to wilt as its pace slowed to a dreadful slog. It truly was a horrific experience because the game’s flaws became more apparent with ... Read More »