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Randall Cole, CEO of ArmoryTech, talks about how The Armory came to be

James Parkin: First of all, thank you for taking the time to let us interview you. Before we begin can I get your name, official title, and a little background on ArmoryTech’s The Armory.

Randall Cole:  Randall Cole, CEO of ArmoryTech. ArmoryTech is based in Chester Springs, PA and was incorporated January 1st 2006.

JP: At what point did you say “enough is enough”, and actually come up with this idea?

RC: *Zap back to the original Xbox* It all started with an angry wife.  I am lucky enough to have a “game room” and my wife was “upset” how messy my game room was.  To settle the argument I agreed that I would buy a rack and put my controllers in it.  This solved the argument, but I could not find anything for sale.  I was tinkering with wood working so I made one for myself.

JP: How well do controllers with cords really fit/organize on the stand?

RC: You will be shocked.  I made the rack for the original Xbox to control the cords.  It is really simple; the 4th controller sits on the top pegs.  The cord drops between the pegs.  Then the 3rd controller sits in the next set of pegs and the cord drops. Then you put the second controller on the rack and the 1st controller covers all the cords.

Most gamers only use one controller most of the time until their friends come over.  As long as you put the controllers on the rack in the order that you use them, you will never have a problem with your cords.

I still use wired controllers.  I know it’s in my head but I think I play better wired then wireless.

JP: Are the towers ninja-cat-proof? Or will gamer-trained ninja cats defeat these like they were on rookie setting?

RC: Most likely ninja cats will rule the world. How could a glorified hat rack slow them down?

JP: Have you thought of making The Armory able to charge wireless controllers while they’re not being used? A bit like the Microsoft charge station, but implemented directly into The Armory’s design.

RC: I would love to… and anything is possible.  We have a PS3 charger coming out because that was a simple USB connector.  However the Xbox controller has a patented connecter. … On the other hand, Major Nelson said they have the nicest lawyers.

BTW because The Armory was made for wired controllers, you can rack your wireless controller with the Play & Charge kit, Chatpad, and headset.

JP: Aside from black, which comes out in the near future are you considering any additional colors or materials to increase variety in the future? 

RC: Right now the black Armories are on a boat from China.  It will dock on 1/29.  They will be trucked to Chester Springs, PA by February 7th.

I can make them in any color.  I hope to make some funky ones to match face plates.

JP: You explain how a guitar can also be stored with it on the site; do you have plans to make an official guitar one for easier storage?

RC: There were two reasons we made the Armory with insertable pegs.

1) Due to the “complexed angles” the product could not be plastic injected in one piece.   2)  The same base will take any crazy peg we make for it.

JP: The Armory’s appear to be extremely sturdy and well-built. Are they guaranteed for life? Or what can be done in the rare occurrence of a peg (or something else) breaking?

RC: Officially we have a 1 year guarantee.  I did that because I did not know if I would be in business for more than that.  Think about it, when I started this I was not sure if I was that freakin’ nut with a spring on a coconut telling his friends I have a new invention and they nod saying “yea,” but  thinking “this guy is out of his f’ing mind.”

I made it because how often do you get to actually make something?  Seriously how cool is that? Let alone a gaming product …

With that said if you ever break a peg just send us an e-mail, we will back it up.

JP: Will owning The Armory help fight the RRoD?

RC: Sorry I am now on my third box.

JP: Does being the creator of The Armory help you with attracting ladies, I mean, we at x360a couldn’t imagine you being turned down when you say, “Yeah, I made that.”

RC: Well no, however I am sure my GRAW 2 skills will get me the women.

JP: Thank you very much for the opportunity to hold this interview. To all the readers out there, The Armory can be purchased for a low price of $14.99 from

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