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Hannah, the creator of the Xbox 360 Pushie, answers a round of questions about how the plushies came to be

James Parkin: First of all, thank you for taking the time to let us interview you. Before we begin can I get your name and a little background on who you are and what you do?

Hannah: Okay well my name is Hannah ****** (That’s all you get.) I am more commonly known as ‘The kickass-Peanut’ mostly because I’m short and have a black-belt in Karate *Makes customary ‘hiiii-yaaaa’ cry and hand-chopping motion *

I love all artsy-fartsy things and I always loved designing things in school…so I followed it through University and now I make toys and clothing part-time around my usual job.

JP: How did you come up with the idea of creating game console plushies?

Hannah: It was a completely random moment of insanity.  I wanted to make a present for my Partner- but couldn’t think of anything ‘manly’ or remotely fitting….so I thought what his X360 would look like with a ‘kawaii’ face on it….simple as that, it was meant as a joke

JP: How’s business so far?

Hannah: SURPRISING! My Artist Dad never took my work seriously, he said I should be doing more ‘fine art’ but the response to this changed everything!

JP: Do you have any unused ideas brewing in your noggin for future gaming related plushies? Will we ever see plushie Halo figures?

Hannah: As a matter of fact I have been BEGGED by gamers to make Halo plushies….All I can say is that they are on the cards

JP: Since you’ve given us two insanely awesome Xbox 360 plushies there are a few things I’d like to ask about them. How long did each of them take, and can I get a rough estimate on the length of thread needed to finish one?

Hannah: Well each one takes about 3-4 hours in total, but I usually end up splitting it over a couple of days as my hands get fed up after a while… and as for thread…who knows….I have an abundance of the stuff…

JP: How many cats do you own? Depending on that last question, do you throw them at people that walk on your lawn? 

Hannah: Ha ha, I have 6 at my parents’ house…although technically only one of them is ‘mine’.

I don’t need to throw him at anyone though – he already leaps out to scare kiddies and get hits by cars…it’s his hobby….he’s been run over 3 times!

JP: We’re tech fanatics and one question’s clouding our minds. Do the Xbox 360 plushies support HDMI? If so, is the cable included or must we find a plushie cable manufacturer?

Hannah: That’s the fun about toys, they are all about p.r.e.t.e.n.d….they need no power, need no maintenance, NEVER Red Ring and have infinite memory space…so hell if you want HD, you got it!

JP: Are you planning on creating any Xbox 360 accessories? As in wireless headsets, arcade joysticks, etc. From a personal standpoint, what good’s an Xbox 360 plushie if I can’t use my Xbox 360 plushie vision cam to play plushie UNO?

Hannah: Yeah I could make all that…would make a funny photograph…now your setting my creative mind off

JP: Are the Xbox 360 plushies region free? Or will I only be able to play PAL plushie games since these are indeed manufactured and distributed from the UK? If so, where does one purchase a PAL formatted plushie game?

Hannah: See answer 2 up

JP: Your site does claim that your Xbox 360 plushies will never get the 3ROL, but we’ve heard that lie time and time again from Microsoft. What’s your warranty policy if they do happen to get the dreaded lights?

Hannah: Warranty? Warranty void if used for cat-scratcing post, dishcloth, toilet roll, doormat….listed misuse won’t cause RROD but will make the plushie smell awful.

JP: That concludes the questions we have for you, thank you so much for not only these fantastic prizes, but the opportunity to interview you as well. Is there anything else you’d like to throw out there to our thousands upon thousands of readers?

Hannah: Th….Th….THOUSANDS?! ‘eeep’ Well I guess I should say that Readers can see my works at my DeviantArt Gallery:  I am in the process of setting up a website with a shop section. News on this will be featured in my DA Journal as it happens.


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