Brando USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale

By 08.30.2011

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Brand: Brando
Model: USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale
Review Unit Provided By: Brando 


Every once in a while you’ll see a product that just makes you say, “what the..” For me that time came when we read about Brando’s USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale. For those of you who are baffled by the name, this is a computer mouse that has a detachable digital scale… inside!?

Upon first receiving the mouse, we removed it from its snazzy magnet snap packaging and plugged it in via its USB cord. The mouse synced up fine with both our Windows Vista and Windows 7 PCs and was working within seconds of being plugged in which was a definite bonus. While the easy synchronization was nice, the fact that the mouse has a physical USB cord is a huge downside in this day and age where nearly everything is going wireless. Especially when the cord has no relationship to the scale, some connectivity features would have been a huge bonus for users who plan on using the mouse in conjunction with their computer work.

While using the mouse you’ll notice a semi-transparent rubber scroll-mouse which glows red when the mouse detects movement, not serving any purpose other than being aesthetically pleasing. One of the most noticeable downsides when using the mouse is its size. Because it has to house a scale inside, the mouse doesn’t allow any sort of ergonomic design and instead has a rounded-box shape. The added width does have its advantages though as inside it stores a detachable digital scale with a roughly 2.25”x1.5” weighing surface.

Speaking of the scale, it’s a bit misleading so beware. The box states the scale has a max weighing capacity of 500 grams, but the scale clearly states “Capacity 500 x 0.1 G” which equals 50 grams. Luckily enough we just have a case of what we believe is bad Engrish as the scale does in fact have a capacity up to 500 grams. The scale’s accurate to .1 gram, and in addition to gram readout, the scale also supports converting to ounce, grain, and carat.

Score: 3/5

Albeit odd, the mouse overall is very usable once you get adjusted to its larger size. If Brando could have made the mouse wireless with some kind of scale connectivity we’d have a true winner, but right now the mouse is barely more than a novelty.

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