GIZORAMA Giveaway: $25 GameStop Giftcard

Feb 20, 2012 by

So here we were thinking, “what on earth should we do with this $25 GameStop giftcard?” Feeling it to the dogs doesn’t seem worthy, nor does turning it into my full-time windshield ice-scraper. After many long hours of ideas, we’ve decided there’s no better option than to give it away to one of our loyal readers!

This time around we’re going to run the giveaway with a new method, this time with the aid of Rafflecopter. The perk of Rafflecopter is the more you do, the more entries you get into the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners: 1
Prize: $25 GameStop Giftcard
Restrictions: Only one entry per person, numerous entries will result in disqualification from the contest. Due to giftcard restrictions, the contest is only eligible for those who reside in the United States.
How to Enter: Simply comment on this post with your Xbox LIVE gamertag or Twitter username! If no e-mail is provided notification will be sent over Xbox LIVE or Twitter (whichever is provided).
Closes: March 2nd 11:59PM PST
Official Rules: Official contest rules for GIZORAMA can be found here.

Good luck!

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  1. @ImpurePhoen1x

  2. GT This Other Guy2 and if you BF3 Add Me

  3. @sokennysaid

  4. Gamertag: Radbeans360

  5. Xbox Live Gamertag – TheOneInsane

  6. Twitter:

  7. Gamertag: GamjawanG

  8. Gamertag: Pimpstalicious
    Twitter: @Pimpstalicious

  9. Twitter account: @AxlCobain

  10. Twitter: @AkariAurion

  11. Twitter: @AxlCobain

  12. XBL: Sharptack
    Twitter: @ThomasCurtis

  13. Xbl aihuman

  14. @CS01ontwitter. i would so love a 25 dollar gift card =DDD i could buy myself a game or two and even a PSN card if i wanted

  15. XBL: AlexMP91

  16. twitter@bjaigorgor

  17. Twitter: @secretclean

  18. Thanou Thammavongsa

    another great contest!! count me in!!

    twitter: @n0udles

  19. Thanks for the chance!

  20. @justSaiyan9000

  21. ChesterAlArthur

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. Rebecca Shockley


  23. TWITTER: @rvd42387

  24. @genxsis83
    gt: shin genxsis

  25. Twitter: @LaZardo

  26. Sweet contest, definitely would come in handy. There is always a new game or accessory I want to buy, but not enough cash to do so.

    Follow on twitter @JKrabbenstein

  27. GT: eugaet
    Twitter: @eugaet_aux

  28. XBL: wc hiroshou

  29. Thanks OP!
    XBL: Fitzed

  30. Sweet contest.

    XBL: CloudSquall78

  31. Hunter S. Thompson


  32. Twitter: @TenorVibes

  33. @JPtheProdigy

  34. Thanks for the contest!

    XBL: AndrewLeeMoreno
    Twitter: @8amoreno

  35. twitter @CrazyItalian0

  36. Thanks.

  37. Thanks for the chance! :)

  38. Nice contest
    Twitter: @fnex101

  39. XBL: MEXAKILLA0618

  40. XBL: KBURNS10

    Thank you for the contest!

  41. XBL: Lilaznc
    Twitter: Lilaznc

  42. thanks for the contest

  43. @austinheape

  44. @XFactor_Box

  45. Thanks! @joacomiralles

  46. Very easy way to win a cool prize. @betobuster435

  47. Cool contest! twitter: @djravenfall

  48. nextleveltaken *Xbox Live

  49. Twitter:@gamingprizes

  50. KartEl Ross

    Thanks for the shot

  51. GT: hyunter7


  52. sweet times for all!

  53. RipD – Xbox Live


    Twitter: @triggermike

  55. @bjaigorgor

  56. Nicole Bouchard

    XBL: Nikibaby219
    Twitter: @Nikibaby219
    AWESOME CONTEST Thanks for the chance!

  57. XBL – Ragdoll72

  58. @Matt_Ferrell

  59. @ZeroP1
    Cool, already thinking of what to buy with it. Thanks.

  60. xbl & twitter: skitz319

    thanks for the contest

  61. Awesome contest!

  62. GT:CrystalOpossum
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  63. twitter: crazyivan19
    xbla: BigDamnHeroes77

    Thanks for the contest!

  64. twitter

  65. Thanks for making the contest!

  66. Xbox Gamertag: GamjawanG
    Twitter: GamjawanG

  67. twitter – refusedchaos

  68. Twitter: @NeoHumanity

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. gamertag for 360 is:

    NaGato AIzen

    I is an i in AIzen

  70. fresh0288 – both

  71. @aznxchunky
    thank you for the chance

  72. Twitter: @qwikciphers

  73. Twitter: _Bdog_

  74. Twitter: @Jragon274

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! :)

  75. Gamertag: bipple305

    Twitter: @BrianIMdiesel

    Awesome sauce!

  76. @okiraan

  77. Twitter: Austieb7

  78. @JasperDolphin85

  79. Thx

  80. I’m game twitter is PuppetMasterXB

  81. XBL- PlatanolVlan

  82. xbox live- NzumbeKiller

  83. Twitter @AkariK
    I don’t use my xbox regularly enough to check messages, so I’ll skip that.

    Thanks for the contest!

  84. Gamertag: Z LordofAwesome
    twitter: LordofAwesome6

  85. x7DSx Luxuria

    Thanks for the contest!

  86. XBL:Hestar69


    Thanks for the chance!

  87. GT:xtoxicx rarrz

  88. Michael Garrett (@garrett0024)

    Twitter: @garrett0024

  89. Hotwings 4eva.

    XBL: Ferretom

  90. Awesome!
    My Twitter handle is @BryDontCare

  91. Thanks for the GC contest :)
    Twitter is @teujip

  92. Thanks for the contest, would love to win!

    Twitter: @Erabiont
    XBL: Erabiont

  93. Xbox Gamertag – iKnowledge

  94. @shaytherogue

  95. Rollin.

    XBL: slick steve87

  96. Can always use GS giftcard. Good luck all!

  97. @bittripfan

  98. THanks Sounds great.

    xbla gsr7913

    twitter @gsr1379

  99. Twitter: @gohanegret

  100. Twitter: @al3xgo

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