GIZORAMA Giveaway: Kontrol Freek FPS Freek INFINITY

Oct 3, 2012 by

Remember the praise we gave the FPS Freek CQC Signature Series from Kontrol Freek? If not, check out the review here. We got a bunch of feedback from readers about them, so we’re going to give away a set away to one lucky reader!

Inspired by Halo 4, the FPS Freek INFINITY was developed for the competitive Halo player who demands the ultimate in precision and control match after match. FPS Freek INFINITY’s advanced rubber compound, intricate Halo-themed design and concave thumb surface provides excellent grip and control. The extended stick height (0.5 inches) added by INFINITY puts you in total command of your Spartan and makes aiming and strafing much easier during intense multiplayer battles. Infinity is perfect for your right or left thumbstick and is optimized for medium to long-range armaments like the Battle Rifle, DMR and Sniper Rifle.

FPS Freek INFINITY is designed to fit both the Xbox 360 controller and PS3 controller and is designed for, nut not limited to, games like Halo: 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3 and Medal of Honor Warfighter.

This time around we’re going to continue the giveaway with the aid of Rafflecopter, the perk of Rafflecopter is that the more you do, the more entries you get into the giveaway; plus you can enter a minimum of once per day to increase your odds!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners: 1
Prize: (1) FPS Freek INFINITY
Closes: October 20th 12:01 AM EST
Official Rules: Official contest rules for GIZORAMA can be found here.

Good luck!

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  1. Gears of War 1, sniper my all time favorite.

  2. Any Gears of War game..

  3. Halo Reach, can’t wait to say Halo 4 here on the 6th. ( :

  4. Gears of War 3, I love how they just explode!

  5. UFC Undisputed. I know that’s not what you were going for, but it’s the truth.

  6. Don’t laugh, but I find funny trying headshots when playing Minecraft PVP

  7. I can’t wait to try out the pair that I ordered

  8. Halo is the best waiting for halo 4. Headshot game is CS But Halo is all over better

  9. Red Dead Redemption. I like how faces get blown up.

  10. I’d have to go with Resident Evil 4/5. Watching the heads explode is just glorious.

  11. halo reach for sure. only game where I super care about it. Especially playing SWAT.

  12. Sniper Elite V2. That slow down and extra detailed head explosion are extremely satisfying.

  13. Hitman, taking my time with a sniper rifle to get that perfect dead center head shot. Currently enjoy taking head shots in Max Payne 3.

  14. Unreal Tournament, because that was the first game I played where it had the announcer say stuff. Headshot, ultra kill, m-m-m-m-monster kill, godlike!

  15. Actually, it’s Halo, especially with a long range sniper shot. Just great to catch someone by surprise.

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