Awesomenauts Soundtrack Now Available

Jun 1, 2012 by

Awesome games require awesome soundtracks and Sonic Picnic definitely delivered for Awesomenauts! Seemingly ripped from an 80’s version of the future, the tracks fit the space cartoon vibe of the game extremely well. These sweet tracks are now finally available outside the game as well! See here: As with all albums on bandcamp, you can listen to streaming versions of the tracks right on the site!

Downloading the full soundtrack costs $2. But pay $5 and you’ll get a chance at winning an Awesomenauts vinyl record! The vinyl contains the full themesong together with the remix on side A, and the Megamix of all songs on side B.

For everyone who wanted to check out the full themesong, but didn’t have access to Facebook or Twitter, you can now listen to it below:

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