Don’t Starve – Early Beta Access, Trailer, and Screens!

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With Klei Entertainment’s latest update we have details on a bunch of new features and one big announcement… *Drum Roll*

Don’t Starve is now in closed Early-Access Beta!

A free version of the game is still playable as a limited demo, however full access is only available to Early-Access Beta members. Now, if you participated in our previous beta versions, as thanks for helping us test, you have been added to the Early-Access Beta and the full game at launch! Yep, you get the full game for free! No need to buy a serial key. No need to do anything. Just keep playing, your game has been unlocked. Thanks a ton for your help and keep sending us your feedback!

Benefits of Early Access Beta

  1. The Early-Access Beta includes 2 copies!
  2. Get the full game for free when it releases!
  3. Regular updates with new content!
  4. Talk to Klei Entertainment devs & help evolve the game!
  5. Get the game on Steam for free when it launches!

Early access is only $6.99!

Show your support and buy Don’t Starve now for $6.99.  Everybody who purchases Don’t Starve before launch will unlock the Early-Access Beta and get an extra key to share with a friend for free! If you already own Don’t Starve, you can grab 2 more keys for the same price of $6.99; we don’t mind.

Don’t Starve will launch for $15; so it’s a great time to snag a couple copies, show your support and help Klei Entertainment do some science!

If you have more questions about the changes to Don’t Starve or any of the new features, head over to the Don’t Starve Official Forums.

Major Changes:

  • Don’t Starve is now available for purchase.
  • Map randomization improvements.
  • Buildable chests, by popular demand.
  • New marsh area  with lots of new stuff in it (like reeds)!
  • New and improved Farm Plot art.
  • Trees have life cycles, and look less like each other.
  • New easier-to-use  crafting / research interface.
  • New Science machine mechanics. You earn Research Points by grinding up objects in the science machine.
  • New, different ambient sounds play in different areas of the map.

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