It’s Time to Get Your Hands Dirty With Funky Barn For Nintendo´s Wii U

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505 Games, a global publisher of video games, today announced they are bringing Funky Barn – the craziest farm simulator gamers have experienced – to the brand new Wii U system from Nintendo.

Veteran developers Tantalus Media are bringing their collection of wacky contraptions and goofy gizmos to the sandbox genre in ways never before imagined thanks to the innovative Wii U GamePad. Using the touch screen, players can pick up their animals and interact with them one-on-one, manage an array of crazy farming machines and erect buildings.  They can even shake fruit from the trees with the all-new GamePad gyroscope.

It won’t take long for gamers to become immersed in their growing farm as they also manage livestock, crop fields, and a wide variety of unique farm machines. In such an open farming world, gamers can focus on the aspects of farming they find to be the most fun.

Tim Woodley, Head of Global Brand at 505 Games said “Wii U is an important and very exciting development for the games industry. It truly marries traditional platforms with the intuitive, tactile touch screen technology that everyone uses on a day-to- day basis. With Funky Barn we have combined the technological advances with unique humor, crazy machines and, most importantly, a lot of fun for gamers of all ages.”

“We’ve been working on Funky Barn for a long time and it’s very close to our hearts,” said Tantalus CEO Tom Crago. “It’s a perfect fit for Wii U and the GamePad opens up an array of new possibilities. It has allowed us to come up with crazy ideas for what is absolutely a madcap experience.”

Funky Barn will be released worldwide in late 2012.

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    So, it seems kind of like a new age Harvest Moon? I cannot wait to get a Wii U! This game looks pretty fun.

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