Soldier vs. Aliens Makes its Way into the App Store and it’s Free!

Sep 13, 2012 by

Soldier vs. Aliens, a brand-new shooter game in 2D developed by Bulkypix Studios, plunges you into the center of a merciless tug-of-war between a trigger-happy mercenary marine and aliens firmly determined to lay their eggs in the deepest recesses of space and feed…on YOU! Carry out dozens of missions with gradual challenges in Campaign mode, or face the Queen and her ravenous children in Survival mode. What better way to blow off some steam for the end of summer? And best of all, you can test all of your nifty weapons against hordes of bloodthirsty aliens!

Your orders: make hamburgers out of those Aliens, Soldiers!


  • Fight in two modes: Campaign and Survival
  • An off-the-wall, rough n’ tough universe.
  • Battles with an “alienating” rhythm — fight against the Queen and four other alien classes
  • Explore 9 worlds and complete more than 50 levels and missions
  • Equip your Soldier with seven interchangeable armors and arm yourself with nine upgradeable, super-powerful weapons
  • Game Center
  • Universal Application compatible with iPad Retina Display Support!

Download now from the Apple Store here.

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