Stop Zombie Mouth – Give a Game Vs Candy This Halloween

Sep 11, 2012 by

In one of the most epic ways possible, PopCap Games and the American Dental Association have partnered up for the Stop Zombie Mouth campaign in an aim to help stop cavities among children this Halloween season. What is Stop Zombie Mouth you ask? According to the ADA,

This Halloween, the ADA and PopCap Games want to redefine “treat” by giving fun instead of candy! Please join us throughout October in this awesome national awareness campaign.

The award-winning smash hit Plants vs. Zombies is a family friendly video game that’s been played by over 120 million people worldwide, and now you can give it to your patients as a sugar-free Halloween treat. You’ll help prevent Zombie Mouth, and bring fun to kids of all ages!

That’s right, anyone can give out a free game this Halloween instead of candy. You can head to Stop Zombie Mouth to grab some printable PDFs that will contain a redemption code that makes the game available to download between October 30 – November 10 to download a PC/Mac version of Plants vs Zombies from PopCap Games.

via Stop Zombie Mouth.

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