The Nest Earbud Protector / Earphone Winder

By: on September 26, 2012

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Brand: Digital Innovations, LLC
Model: The Nest Earbud Protector / Earphone Winder
Review Unit Provided By: Digital Innovations, LLC


Everyone knows one of the most annoying aspects of headphones and earbuds are the evil cords and their mysterious self-tangling ways. Not only is it incredibly frustrating to sit and have to unravel the daunting mass of cord, but the cord can be damaged from being tangled too tightly or from frustration-pulling while untangling. Luckily, thanks to more and more devices being shipped with earbuds we’re getting some really neat devices to help rid your life of tangled annoyances. One emerging device to banish the dreaded tangled cord is The Nest from Digital Innovations.

The Nest is a earbud protector and winder, and does its job while being a flexible silicone home for your earbuds and cord. It’s super simple in design, and does its job wonderfully. You flip open The Nest to reveal its silicone innards, pop your earbuds (or the headphone side end of your cord if they’re too big like my SkullCandy Hesh headphones) into The Nest, wrap the remainder of the cord around The Nest, pop the cord section back into The Nest, and presto your cord is stored tangle free until you’re ready to use it in which you just pull the cord out with ease.

In case the mind-boggling description didn’t make sense, here’s the entire process in a few images:

During a recent scouting trip we decided to pack around The Nest to see how it worked in the wild, and boy did it work nicely. The cords held up exactly where they were left even though the headphones had been flung into a pack with all the other essentials and bounced around for miles as we trekked the mountainsides. During resting breaks we toyed with adding and removing our cords, never once running into a tangle or snag. Every time the cord easily wraps without too much tension on the cord, and every time the cord easily came out with a small tug of the wire.

Score: 4.5/5

Overall, with a device so simple, it’s hard to make any complaints when it does its job exactly as it should. The Nest has an extremely basic design that works wonders, if tangled cords are a frustration for you, toss up the $10 to unlock the door to a tangle free life.

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