GIZORAMA Giveaway: Grand Theft Auto V Prize Pack

Sep 19, 2013 by

You asked for it, so here it is. Thanks to our wonderful friends over at Rockstar Games, we have a Grand Theft Auto V prize pack to give away to our awesome readers. The prize pack contains an Xbox 360 version of Grand Theft Auto V, a character sticker pack that features various characters from the game, and a business sticker pack that features various businesses from the game.

GTA V Gift Pack

You can find the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V below:

This time around we’re going to continue the giveaway with the aid of Rafflecopter, the perk of Rafflecopter is that the more you do, the more entries you get into the giveaway; plus you can enter a minimum of once per day to increase your odds!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners: 1
Prize: (1) NTSC Xbox 360 copy of Grand Theft Auto V, (1) Characters of Grand Theft Auto V  Sticker Pack, (1) Brands of Grand Theft Auto V  Sticker Pack
Closes: October 5th 12:00 AM EST
Sponsor: Rockstar Games
Restrictions: Due to restrictions, this giveaway is only eligible for those 18 years or older, and who reside in the Unites States.
Official Rules: Official contest rules for GIZORAMA can be found here.

Good luck!

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  1. Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  2. I’ve never played any of the GTA games before, but I’d like to be entered for a chance to win. Thanks much for considering my entry.

  3. Would love to expand the GTA legacy, thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I want to try Grand Theft Auto please.

  5. The music

  6. Listening to great music in each game.

  7. People finding out about hot coffee, just because its so stupid.

  8. Thanks gta san andreas

  9. RUTHLE55 K1LL3R

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. thanks for the contest

  13. Would love to have this. Thanks for the chance!

  14. I appreciate the chance to play.

  15. The ridiculous deaths by far are my favorite

  16. Being able to cruise the mean streets with awesome tunes playing.

  17. Learning that Vader is my dad…Blowing stuff up!

  18. Thanks for having this contest!

  19. My Fav is GTA: SA..

  20. sweet giveaway!

  21. thanks for the contest

  22. Any comment, like this, will do :P

  23. GTA V may be the first GTA i have ever owned.

  24. For sure was the whole Union Depository robbery in GTA V. =]

  25. I really liked GTA 4 and the DLC to that game. It had a really good story

  26. I just love the music that plays in Vice City.

  27. My son loves it

  28. not really sure

  29. Kelly Kuharik Braund

    I don’t play it, but my son REALLY wants this game so I would love to be able to give it to him! Thanks!

  30. Joseph Caballero

    Online, loved getting on live and messing around with my friends.

  31. I remember when the very first one came out (97ish) and how everyone was so excited (some things never change!!)

  32. I want to play it

  33. Thank you for the great giveaway please count me in :)

  34. I dont have one but my husband would nominate me for wife of the year if i win this for him

  35. First time player … Would love to win to give the game a shot

  36. Never played a GTA so no fav moments yet.

  37. Here’s to hoping!

  38. i’ve never played but would like to try

  39. I never played it but I know I would enjoy the game if I had the equipment to play.

  40. Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    I don’t know anything about GTA, but I’d love to win this for my son. He would have a great answer; but, unfortunately, he’s not here for me to ask. Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. San Andreas forevs <3

  42. GTA 3 was my first game and will always be my favorite.

  43. Thanks Gizorama for this chance, best gaming review site, good luck to everyone go Grand Theft Auto hit him with that sound track :)

  44. I will make 300 sandwiches for this game

  45. There’s too many to list.

  46. Every part of the series since GTA III!!!

  47. GTA San Andreas!

  48. Joshua H. Oliver

    Please pick me so I can play the game for myself and not have to watch on youtube!

  49. Bowling with Niko!

  50. Sucker punching people then running away like a scared little girl.

  51. Getting fat then losing the weight.

  52. Thank you for the great giveaway! My hubby would love this!
    Tammy Dalley

  53. Stephanie Del Duca

    Vice city!

  54. My boys play so I have no clue

  55. My greatest moment was playing with my friends it was unbelievable the graphics and aesthetics that were used in the game. it was for sure that grand theft auto 5! would be a hit.

  56. My most memorable moment was playing GTA III on PS2 (was with group of friends & it was my first time playing a GTA game). Someone entered the cheats for me, put away the weapons and they handed the controller over to me. A few steps & my character was instantly hit by an ambulance & arrest/busted. It had to be a record for the quickest anyone has ever been taken down in that game. lol
    – John W.

  57. GTA san andreas. flying the jet for sure

  58. GTA: San Andreas

  59. Vice City.

  60. Beating GTA 4 in record time.

  61. I’ve never payed TA games but really wanna try this one.

  62. Favorite moment? Jumping out of a plane, forgetting how to parachute, then landing on top of a hooker.

  63. Jordan Biagomala

    My favorite moment had to be playing GTA liberty city stories on my psp and bringing my GTA mayhem on the go

  64. Michael Gatchell


  65. Love the game

  66. I don’t play but my son does

  67. I dont play it,but my hubby and son do,so I don`t have an answer,,but they would love to play it ,thats for sure! :)

  68. I don’t play but I would love to win this for my son.

  69. I really enjoyed GTA: Vice City

  70. The addition of chainsaws in GTA Vice City because it was awesome.

  71. I loved doing wheelies in Vice City.

  72. Thanks a bunch! Too many good memories

  73. GTA III, 1st experience with the GTA series and have been hooked since.

  74. Awesome game awesome giveaway thanks

  75. Snyder Kimberly

    i like stomping and kicking

  76. They all were really fun growing up but this one looks amazing!

  77. My husband would be so excited!

  78. How do you even enter?

  79. I played GTA4 but it was so long ago I don’t really remember anything from it…but this one looks amazing and I’ve heard really good things, can’t wait to somehow get my hands on it…preferably from this!

  80. If I win, Im using it for major brownie points for the bf :P

  81. My favorite memory was back on the PS2. I remember as a kid just playing GTA III all the time. I would looovvvvveee to do the weapon cheat (r1 r2 l1 l2 left down right up left down right up) haha still remember, and then I would see how long I could go and how many stars I could get. As a safe zone I would always go into that train tunnel with the hobos because the cops wouldnt go in there!

  82. Don’t make me console jack you.

  83. Playing Vice City, period.

  84. Shawn Sigurdson

    Favorite moment in GTA San Andreas, when C.J stops at the drive thru and Big Smoke orders all that food. Still makes me laugh thinking about it.

  85. Gta San Andreas!

  86. Ha ha! Funniest comment was from Pedro who said he’d steal the game! ;-)

  87. GTA 4, I know people didn’t like doing certain things, but the whole game to me was a blast.

  88. GTA: San Andreas!

  89. Hope I win.

  90. GTA: San Andreas, spray painting people’s faces.

  91. PowerlessTurtle

    GTA: Vice City

  92. Getting drunk with Roman in GTAIV was a pretty memorable moment for me.

  93. Thanks! It’s already sold $1 billion. Unbelievable.

  94. don’t have a favorite

  95. Hope I win!

  96. comment for giveaway entry

  97. I’d have to go with San Andreas, have fond memories of the game. Used to love doing the glitch where you could make CJ headless.

  98. Grand Theft Auto V

  99. Grand theft auto III was my favorite

  100. My favorite GTA game is GTA III

  101. Send it right out to me!

  102. Snipping from buildings then using a rocket launcher when the cops come

  103. riding through the mountains on 4wheelers in san andreas listening to krose. good times.

  104. My fav GTA is the GTA 4 mod w/ Batman/superman on youtube.

  105. wants to win for grandson..

  106. Thanks for doing this! :) Hope I win! Mwa ha ha!

  107. I’ve not played this, but believe my son would love it!

  108. GTA 3 has a special place in my heart!

  109. I want!!!

    I want NOW!!!

  110. My favorite was San Andreas. Thanks for the chance

  111. Playing Vice City for the first time and seeing how much it had improved from GTA3

  112. First time I got a tank

  113. The first time I played it

  114. The first time I played GTA 5 a couple days ago

  115. I dont have a moment yet. Hoping to win so that I can have many

  116. I dont have one

  117. my son is obsessed with this game

  118. I don’t have one for I haven’t played a single GTA game yet. I know, time to turn in my nerd card.

  119. My daughter is the one that is obsessed with this game l like watching her run people over…lol

    hippopurplemonkey at yahoo dot com

  120. Raheel Khurshid

    Thanks cool giveaway

  121. I love the Grand Theft Auto V that I want to enter in for a chance to win it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  122. don’t have one yet!

  123. If i steal it how many stars you think ill get?

  124. Favorite moments are just driving around doing random things.

  125. don’t have one yet

  126. I’d love to win this.

  127. Peter Moore getting a GTA IV tattoo for E3

  128. Wat. I don’t steal cars

  129. Awesome Contest

  130. Just give me a blimp to cruise

  131. no specific one moment… fun to rack up those stars ;)
    rafflecopter name Janice

  132. Whitney Lynn Bellows

    I would love the new game!

  133. I I need to get my GTA fix

  134. All of the GTA moments have been great…except that one we don’t talk about.

  135. GTA San Andreas was my favorite. What better way to continue that legacy with GTA 5. Thank you for the chance to enter

  136. San


  137. Getting and playing GTA IV since that was my first GTA game. Best decision ever!

  138. I liked my first experience with the series which was number 2. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was fun.

  139. Anything that happened in GTA san andreas

  140. GTA is the first game my hubby & I actually agreed on buying when it first came out :)

  141. Michelle McCulloch

    I cant pick one moment as my favorite..ive loved it all!

  142. My favorite moment was when I first played it

  143. Playing Grand Theft Auto IV when it first came out for hours on end has been my favorite moment.

  144. My favorite part of Grand Theft Auto is where you commit grand theft auto.

  145. Getting into a gnarly crash while blasting a sweet 80s tune.

  146. I love finding those sweet spots where you are covered from return fire, but are able to assault everyone else…and of course, the waves of people just keep coming. Endless fun!

  147. My favorite moment was when I finally beat the bank heist mission in GTA4. I died at least 20 times before I beat it.

  148. I wanttt it please!!!

  149. Watching my nephew play it!

  150. All of Vice City is my favorite moment.

  151. Never played the game. Hope to do so in the future!

  152. high speed chases

  153. GTA Vice City taking place in the 80’s was the best!

  154. GTA3. Running on the train tracks with all the coppers after me.

  155. great giveaway thanks !!!

  156. i’m totally in!

  157. Ooh Ooh, Me! ME!

  158. Shooting the police and high speed chase.

  159. Discovering BMX in San Andreas for me as well! It was just so awesome! Thanks for the chance!

  160. Fav moment what when I discovered BMX in GTA: SA. I’m so happy its back in the game, GTA V. Skate parks here I come!!

  161. Please? For Patrick? Lol.

  162. oh ya know, all of it.

  163. Hot Coffee

  164. Give me the game or I’ll steal it… :P

  165. awesome

  166. Passed on the Grand Theft Auto addiction to my niece.

  167. Being a nuisance to hot dog vendors.

  168. GTA San Andreas for me !

  169. PLaying GTA 1 Multiplayer with one of my friends back in middle school! lots of good times on that top down view game,lol

  170. The chase at the end of San Andreas was a high point for me.

  171. In Chinatown Wars: Found a ramp that allowed a jump over water, so I backed up as far as I could and floored it. Halfway through the jump, I collided w/ a helicopter and the car burst into flames. I landed in the middle of the graveyard on Colony Island and exited the car…triggering Hobotron in the process. It was a very much WTF moment.

  172. My fav moment is just owning all the GTA :)

  173. Having a standoff with the police.

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