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May 29, 2013 by

KontrolFreek recently released their first community-designed thumbstick named Justice which you can read about here. To celebrate, our wonderful friends over at KontrolFreek have sent over a pack of the new thumbsticks give away to our awesome readers. Justice was inspired by Gears of War: Judgment and brought to life by the GOW community. Built on KontrolFreek’s shorter CQC (Close Quarters Combat) platform, Justice is designed for GOW and other third-person shooters where combat can get up close and personal.

This time around we’re going to continue the giveaway with the aid of Rafflecopter, the perk of Rafflecopter is that the more you do, the more entries you get into the giveaway; plus you can enter a minimum of once per day to increase your odds!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners: 1
Prize: (1) Pack of Justice thumbsticks from KontrolFreek
Closes: June 6th 12:00 AM EST
Sponsor: KontrolFreek
Official Rules: Official contest rules for GIZORAMA can be found here.

Good luck!

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  1. Avatar

    Battlefield 3, very simple a little BF inside the mouth of a 3.

  2. Avatar

    im not creative but i think a learning game for kids with special needs . would love to make something easy for all kids on all levels

  3. Avatar

    epic epic epic epic epic epic

  4. Avatar

    epic epic epic epic epic

  5. Avatar

    epic epic epic epic

  6. Avatar

    Something with a gel substance, but a tad firm for better griping

  7. Avatar
    Jennifer Woosley

    i’m not very creative..

  8. Avatar

    I would design one that has good grip

  9. Avatar

    Based on Minesweeper and would have the little “exploded bomb” icon they use.

  10. Avatar
    Herry Syng Sii Ko-cink

    oohhh nice

  11. Avatar

    Probably a Halo themed one with a spartan helmet on the thumb stick with crossed battle rifles in the back or plasma swords.

  12. Avatar

    My KFs would be based on Splinter Cell, be hazy green in color, and have the Third Echelon symbol on them. @MrNerveDamage

  13. Avatar
    Anthony Brown @antbrown88

    I would design the sticks but testing them out with a 1st person shooter game, and the colors would match the scheme of the console.

  14. Avatar

    anything southpark added to it makes it sweet

  15. Avatar

    I’m really to the cartoon Regular Show so I’d go with that for the theme and the design would be the left one would be the face of the lead character Mordecai and the right would be the other lead Rigby. Simple and really awesome for anyone into the show!

  16. Avatar

    Mine would have a Bloody theme on them so they would be blood red and with a feel of blood red dripping from the sides

  17. Avatar

    Sticks with eyeball tops.

  18. Avatar

    i’d make some with injustice on them in honor of the injustice fighting game!

  19. Avatar

    It would have to have a dragon on it!

  20. Avatar

    PvZ with a zombie on a thumbstick and a plant on the other

  21. Avatar

    It would be Mass Effect themed, gray with the N7 logo in red.

  22. Avatar

    They Blob Style from the Blob games XD I’ve never seen a pur-gel style Analog. Who knows maybe those Dr. SChools things are great on thumbs as they are on feet :D

  23. Avatar

    It would be zombie style for “the walking dead”

  24. Avatar

    the design needs work. They are all relatively the same (with the exception of the cqc). They should look at doing a softer rubber or maybe a cloth wrapping with more grip on the edges. A convex top may also be interesting.

  25. Avatar

    Skyrim game design with dragon logo.

  26. Avatar

    red dead redemption with dead eye crosshairs

  27. Avatar

    It would look like a bulls eye target!

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