GIZORAMA Giveaway: Lilly Looking Through

Nov 14, 2013 by

Thanks to our friends at Geeta Games, we have codes for Lilly Looking Through to give away to our awesome readers.

Thanks to our wonderful friends over at Geeta Games, we have three Steam redemption codes for Lilly Looking Through to give away to our awesome readers. What’s Lilly Looking Through you ask?

What Lilly sees is about to change her life forever…. Help our heroine through a variety of enchanting environments brimming with magic and wonder, as she seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery.

Still curious? Read our review of Lilly Looking Through here. STILL curious? Here’s a trailer:

This time around we’re going to continue the giveaway with the aid of Rafflecopter, the perk of Rafflecopter is that the more you do, the more entries you get into the giveaway; plus you can enter a minimum of once per day to increase your odds!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners: 3
Prize: (1) Steam redemption code for Lilly Looking Through
Closes: November 30th 12:00 AM EST
Sponsor: Geeta Games
Official Rules: Official contest rules for GIZORAMA can be found here.

Good luck!

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  1. Iron Galaxy Count?

  2. WadgetEye

  3. Ska Studios

  4. Gerald O'Rillas

    Trendy Entertainment and their Dungeon Defenders

  5. Tripwire makes good coop games (Killing Floor)

  6. Tripwire Interactive for hitting big but still being indie.

  7. Dennaton Games

  8. Supergiant with Bastion

  9. Rovio Entertainment

  10. PowerlessTurtle

    The Behemoth

  11. Carlito Delgar

    El wadjet los mejores !

  12. Favorite indie dev is Dennaton Games

  13. Ben304 and Yahtzee are very good.

  14. Klei of course. Mark of the Ninja!

  15. I don’t have a favorite indie developer, unfortunately.

  16. Lab Zero Games

  17. EasyGameStation is pretty awesome.

  18. I really do not have one.

  19. Jasmin Prewitt

    Don’t have one

  20. dont hav 1

  21. Thatgamecompany :)

  22. I don’t have one.

  23. I don’t have one

  24. thatgamecompany

  25. wadjet eye / wormwood studios

  26. Nick Mudry :D

  27. Shawn Sigurdson

    Frictional Games

  28. Dave Gilbert!

  29. I don’t know :-)

  30. Edmund MacMillen

  31. Mike Bithell!

  32. Klei Entertainment

  33. I don’t have one

  34. Miguelito Estevan

    GeetaGames :)

  35. supergiant games!

  36. Thatgamecompany =)

  37. Don’t have one yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

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