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GIZORAMA Giveaway – SimCity

April 9, 2013 by

SimCity has had one of the most publicized release flops in recent memory, but at heart we’re still huge fans of the series and hope it continues on. To help get more gamers back into the swing of things, we’ve decided to give away an Origin redemption code for the game to one of our lucky readers! Check out the trailer for SimCity below:

This time around we’re going to continue the giveaway with the aid of Rafflecopter, the perk of Rafflecopter is that the more you do, the more entries you get into the giveaway; plus you can enter a minimum of once per day to increase your odds!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners: 1
PrizeSimCity redemption code (Origin)
Closes: April 18th 12:00 AM EST
Official Rules: Official contest rules for GIZORAMA can be found here.

Good luck!

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James has been gaming since he could walk and is currently seeking treatment for his Destiny addiction.
  • littleneko

    On a planet with a similar atmosphere like earth’s. The weather though would be like the tropics

  • Tom

    on the side of a mountain… that would be a technical feat

  • swipeshot

    the moon! it’s not too far from earth and it’s well lit…. most of the time.

  • Rich D

    on a spaceship

  • I’d like to buy up one of those old missile silos that had housing attached to it. The ones that were self sustainable in the event of an attack. I’d move me, the wife, the dogs in and feel good in case the end comes.

  • Under water/ice base on Europa.

  • Jonathan

    Probably the moon because why not

  • Angel9RakouCobra

    Anywhere? Well then, I’d find a planet with alien life on it… with its people just on the verge of civilization, so when I built my city, it’d amaze them, and I’d become some sort of alien god! :P


  • I’d build my city on a far away planet in a dome that could darken so it wouldn’t pollute the sky with light so that i was able to venture out and sky gaze at all the stars and galaxies

  • Anywhere in the universe? Fictitous ones included? Hmm, in that case I’d build my city on Star Trek’s most beautiful and peaceful planet Risa. Picture the most relaxing tropical islands on Earth minus all the terrible hurricanes and bad weather in general. Who wouldn’t want to build their city there?

  • chromiumman (at) mail (dot)com

    new hampshire

  • Under the polar ice cap would be cool.

  • Pornopolis. Self explanatory

  • Underwater would be shocking!

  • I would build my dream city somewhere where it’s hot and by an ocean. South Carolina perhaps.

  • Vicente

    Really i would love to build a City on the Tomb Raider Island ” Yamatai” :D and maybe when it wont be so hard to reach :D somewhere in space is also possible .. lets do SimCity : SpaceBuild ^^

  • i am a comment

  • Chris


  • I would build my city on the galopacous island so I could be surrounded by animals of all kinds.

  • K.Y. Parsons

    I would try to recreate Planet Hulk, but the Citadel would be the home to ALL Superheroes. So Planet Hulk mashed with some City of Heroes. OH, and with a huge place where all the rich stay that looks like Columbia in Bioshock Infinite. NOW That’s a great planet.

  • Geekdad248

    It would be nice to have a city on the moon – what a view!

  • i would build in spain

  • I’d build a city in Hawaii. Great weather year round :)

  • I’d build it in Antartica and the power would run on Cold. It’d be the perfect city where people like the cold. To hell with Florida

  • In the sky!

  • Well if they are right about global warming, we better start learning to build cities under water, or on top of it.

  • Curtis


  • I would build something similar to how the Jetson’s lived :D

  • Thank you for the giveaway. :)

  • Awesome! Thank you

  • thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would build all the Towns of Game of Thrones on Mars xD

  • Jonny459

    I would build my dream city on a couple of deserted islands, or underwater. Would be fun.

  • I would build a replica of my hometown :).

  • falco

    I’d build my dream city at Constantine which is one of the ancient settlements.

  • Eric

    i would build my city under the ocean

  • I’d build it at Thessia :)

  • PJ

    I’d build somewhere super isolated like Ascension Island.

  • Michael

    Underwater Tropical City

  • TR

    Always online DRM is one way to kill interest in a game after this game launch.

  • james doyel


  • Jason

    I hope all of the bugs get worked out

  • flashlightbuff

    I hope EA fixes sim city eventually, not sure how it got worse over 10 years, but a id love a free copy

  • Underground cities

  • On Pluto

  • Rob Hestar

    Under the sea

    Under the sea

    Darling it’s better

    Down where it’s wetter

    Take it from me

    Up on the shore they work all day

    Out in the sun they slave away

    While we devotin’

    Full time to floatin’

    Under the sea


  • kinsie21

    In the middle of the amazon jungle.

  • Ying Hua Huang

    I would build it under the ocean :)

  • Garrett

    I will love to build something on the Moon so people can see it during the night

  • I would go to Europe

  • I’d build a city somewhere where peaceful and quiet.

  • Thanks

  • I’d build a floating city, and call it “Columbia”.
    Noone used that idea, right?

  • I wanna win :D

  • Tim

    Thanks for the chance to win

  • I wanna win

  • JaleelM

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • William S

    I’d build it in Amish country, that way I don’t actually have to do any building myself.

  • volcombrandon

    I would build it on the sun! it would be awesome to be the only human being to be able to build something on the sun and actually survive i would need some sunglasses though lmao! thanks for the great giveaway would love to win this great game!

    Twitter: @volcombrandon

    Facebook: Brandon Dithrich

  • swipeshot

    ooooooooohhh I want this so bad!

  • Rob

    Great contest, really appreciate the gesture! I’ve been a fan of the series since sim city 2000 and have some real great memories, it would be awesome to get this now that I have the comp to run it now. Back in sim city 2000 days it was a different story. Good luck everyone!

  • mowmow

    A Big asteroid that will have rockets built into it! we shall be invading every solar system we can !

  • Will G

    I’m not very creative.

  • I’d build it in the Maldives

  • pooface

    gime dat game

  • Raheel

    I would re-build it on Earth, to make it heaven

  • Tezuz

    sky city? :P

  • Thanks for the awesome givaway.

  • ddeamorin79

    i would build my dream city on my own man made island in the mediteranian nice and warm allyear round

  • X

    I would build a city on Mars, and hope that the Doom series erupts right after everything is going so swell

  • My City would be be tropical for sure. Maybe install some google fiber in Hawaii and I’d set up shop! :-)
    FB: Al Parker

  • why not rapture…? or atlantis :/

    • Anthony Brown

      Because the view from the sky is a lot better than being underwater.

  • John

    In Lost island! With this super big feature that destroys everything you’re building, called the Black Smoke!

  • JC

    An ice metropolis in Antarctica!