GIZORAMA Giveaway: Sniper Elite V2 “Silver Star Edition”

Mar 19, 2013 by

The high-acclaimed Sniper Elite V2 is now being offered to gamers in a special “Silver Star Edition”. The “Silver Star Edition” brings gamers all four game modes, all nine maps and all 10 of the add-on weapons. To celebrate, we’ve partnered up with 505 Games to give away an Xbox 360 copy of the game to one of our lucky readers! Check out the launch trailer for Sniper Elite V2 below:

This time around we’re going to continue the giveaway with the aid of Rafflecopter, the perk of Rafflecopter is that the more you do, the more entries you get into the giveaway; plus you can enter a minimum of once per day to increase your odds!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners: 1
PrizeSniper Elite V2: Silver Star Edition (Xbox 360)
Closes: March 27th 12:00 AM EST
Restrictions: Contest restricted to residents of the United States.
Official Rules: Official contest rules for GIZORAMA can be found here.

Good luck!

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  1. Battlefield 3 and Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombies! :)

  2. I supposed my very first game that contains sniping was CS v1.3. It also made me hate the term “camping”.

  3. I hope to win

  4. Although I do not like Call of Duty, the original modern warfare game is the best for sniping.

  5. I like using the sniper rifle in Red Dead Redemption.

  6. sweet

  7. Good al Counter Strike w/ AWPs. :D I remember those were the years when I was young I remember being awesome.

  8. I usually hate sniping in games because i am terrible at it unless the enemy is super dumb and stands still for 10 minutes while i aim but when i do well its awesome i like sniping in battlefield 3 for the most part and it was fun to snipe in horde mode on gears lol I even enjoyed sniping amish people in Family guy LOL <3<3<3

  9. Great Game!

  10. Honestly, Halo. My boyfriend and I play and it’s just fun to snipe him….until he jumps in a tank. Then I’m doomed.

  11. Borderlands 2

  12. Looks like a great game.

  13. Battlefieldgames..Nothing like shooting someone in the head from 800 meters away! :)

  14. Call of Duty

  15. I really enjoyed sniping on Borderlands!
    Twitter: @PriusGuy2004

  16. My fave game is Halo 3!

  17. I love sniping in Gears of War 1, 2, and 3! I can shoot with the best of them!

  18. My boyfriend is the one who likes the shooting games. I’m not sure what his favorite would be. I am more of a Civilization Revolution fan.

  19. Ghost Warrior

  20. Old school…Slient Scope

  21. I enjoy it in most games, but I think maybe Halo Reach as I like the variety.

  22. Rainbow Six Vegas 1 & 2 were great fun for sniping

  23. I like sniping in CoD games mostly.

  24. I love sniping on Battlefield 3. Large maps call perfect for this!

  25. Winner winner

  26. Splinter Cell

  27. Sniping is fun in all games! The Halo games. Call of Duty snipers only with a group of friends was always a blast. Borderlands for the fun guns.

  28. Hitman Absolution
    rafflecopter name: Janice

  29. flashlightbuff

    Id like to win!

  30. I love sniping in Halo 3!

  31. Awesome contest

  32. Thanks for the opportunity

  33. i was pretty good at sniping in far cry 3

  34. Unreal Tournament 3

  35. Nicole Vosburgh

    Black Ops!

  36. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

  37. Awesome! Thank you for the opportunity!

  38. Hitman absolution sniper challenge

  39. I really liked using the sniper rifle in Spec Ops: the Line

  40. Black Ops but I love shooting me some zombies.

  41. Black ops.

  42. Black ops 1 sniping was by far the best for me

  43. Dead Space 3 is surprisingly fun for sniping.

  44. Socom!, original on PS2, back when games didnt have all this gimmicky tech and ‘perks’

  45. Always enjoy popping heads off in Gears of War.

  46. MW3….maps were huge

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