GIZORAMA LIVE: Resident Evil 6 “Seeing Red”

Apr 5, 2013 by

Great news fans of livestreams, today and tomorrow our own Hollyanne “set” will be gaming LIVE for your enjoyment as she battles through Resident Evil 6 with her co-op companion, Ashleigh “GNARcandy”.

LIVE Resident Evil 6

They’ll be playing through the co-op campaign, so be warned of spoilers if you haven’t yet played the game. Laugh with us, cry with us, cheer us on as our moral drops with death to help us get through the fight.

You can catch Set & GNARcandy live on GIZORAMA or both Friday 12:30 PM PST/2:30 PM EST and Saturday 11 AM PST/2PM EST for roughly four hours of playtime each day to follow.

EDIT: Instead of playing Resident Evil 6 on Saturday, Hollyanne and Ashleigh will be playing Counter-Strike instead!

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