DICE Heralds the Return of Mirror’s Edge

Jun 10, 2013 by

DICE and EA today announced that fan-favorite Mirror’s Edge is in early stages of development. Mirror’s Edge was first introduced in 2008 and fans quickly elevated the game’s heroine “Faith” into a videogame icon. Gamers and critics worldwide praised its unique characters, highly stylized world and fresh take on first person action adventure. The new Mirror’s Edge reboots the franchise for the next generation with advanced visuals and an all-new origin story for Faith.

We introduced Mirror’s Edge and Faith to gamers five years ago, and we’ve waited for the right moment to reunite them,” said Sara Jansson, Senior Producer, DICE. “Thanks to the Frostbite engine and a new generation of platforms, we are now able to deliver a richer world that players will be able to explore with a new level of freedom in both movement and action.”

Mirror’s Edge 2 will be heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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    The content shown for ME2 didn’t look amazing, but the series as a whole was a breathe of fresh air so I’m hoping DICE can continue to make me smile with the yet to be dated sequel.

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