Extra Life Suffers Multiple DDoS Attacks, Raises Over 3 Million Anyway

Nov 3, 2013 by

The folks at Extra Life may have met hardship during their 25-hour gaming marathon, but they walked away with inspirational results!

Yesterday, children’s charity fundraising group Extra Life held its annual gaming marathon, in which gamers all over streamed themselves playing 25 straight hours of gaming (due to Daylight Savings Time). While it was a great success, it was not without its hardships from a source that was less than charitable.

Throughout the day, Extra Life’s servers were struck with DDoS attacks, suffering four in total. Undeterred, gamers continued to donate anyway. At the end of the 25 hour marathon, Extra Life raised a total of $3,404,267, and that number is still rising.

Congratulations to Extra Life and all the gamers for donating! Keep up with Extra Life on their Facebook for additional updates.

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