Microsoft Giving Out Xbox One Consoles & Games to Loyal Fans

Nov 6, 2013 by

Many a gamer out there may have woken to some surprising news. In their e-mail inbox, they may have found an e-mail from Xbox stating that they’ve been chosen to receive an Xbox One console or a redemption code for Killer Instinct.

The official Xbox Twitter account is also backing up the e-mails as legit.

Did you receive an e-mail? If so, what did you get, how long have you been an Xbox LIVE/Gold member, what’s your gamerscore?

We’ve reached out to Xbox for some detailed information on this program, and will update ASAP.

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    What they mean by a loyal fan??? i mean everything i own is Microsoft.. Phone/tablet/360/ZuneHD/windows 8 and pre order Xbox One with 4Years of Live and 56K Achievements with over 500+Games on my playlist profile and didn’t get no email for either

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    I haven’t received an email yet. I’ve been an Xbox Live member for 4 yrs now and my Gamerscore is 45,802 rite now

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    Just finished with the call to the microsoft store. Got my confirmation email. There looks like there is two different xbox one bundles also. One with Forza 5 and another with 5 or so different games. I got the Forza 5 one.

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    Both me and MajinBro got the email for Xbox One/Forza 5… 395k ish gamerscore for me and around 312k for Bro. Both Gold since Halo 3 2007.

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    I got the e-mail for Killer Instinct. I’ve been Gold for 5-7 years (not near my console to check), and gamerscore’s 123k.

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