Netflix Unlocked For All This Weekend on Xbox!

Jan 31, 2013 by

So you’re not a big football fan, and don’t care about the Super Bowl’s commercials? Not to worry, Microsoft and Xbox have you in mind, and want you to have a wonderful weekend regardless of your sports preferences . How are they doing this? Well they’ve unlocked Netflix for all Xbox LIVE users!

Access to the Netflix app is unlocked this weekend on Xbox! Watch every episode of the new Netflix original series “House of Cards” premiering Feb. 1. Xbox will unlock the Netflix app, so all LIVE users with a Netflix subscription can watch all weekend long.

You’re still going to have to have a valid Netflix subscription, but these days most people are so if your Xbox LIVE Gold has run out, you’ll still be able to melt into the couch with some Netflixiquana.

via Xbox Live’s Major Nelson

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