First Playable Female Character Comes to Payday 2

Dec 19, 2014 by

Clover, a violent Irish woman with few new perks, makes her entry into the cast of characters from Payday 2! Check it out!

Payday 2, the popular sequel to the heist-themed Payday series, has just released its first playable female character.

Clover, an Irish woman strapped with an L-95 assault rifle and shillelagh club, “grew up in a rough house in a rough part of town,” according to her description. “…and she is fiercely dedicated to her Irish heritage.”

Clover can be acquired by purchasing the Clover Character Pack, available for $5. This new addition to the Payday cast also comes with the Burglar perk, allowing her to pick locks, heal quickly, and bag dead bodies.

This announcement comes on the heals of Overkill Software’s newly released expansion, The Diamond Heist, which allows players the chance to orchestrate a gem-themed robbery, available for $6.

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