Witcher 3 Developers Reveal Playable Female Character

Dec 16, 2014 by

While it won’t be the same as playing a female Shepard in Mass Effect, fans will now be able to fight as Ciri, CD Projekt Red’s latest Witcher 3 hero. Check it out!

Amid news of yet another delay CD Projekt Red, the team behind The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, announced that fans would be able to play as a female character battling alongside Geralt.

While still maintaining Geralt as the main character, fans will be able to fight as Ciri, an Elven warrior “capable of both healing and destroying the world she inhabits,” claims CD Projekt Red.

CD Projekt Red believes that the secondary playable character will “greatly benefit the overall experience,” and, “though while Ciri is a major character, she is not a playable character in the same way as Geralt.”

Ciri will supposedly bring “exceptional” swordplay and a handful of unique powers to the game, and CD Projekt Red even hints at some “mythical power” they chose to discuss at a later date.

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    Not Elf, She is Human with some long lost Elven DNA strands that give her a unique power.

    That being said. This is fantastic new. Now i can wait even less D=

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