Destiny’s Red Bull Quest Is Already Broken

Jul 3, 2015 by

Two days after launch, the Destiny-Red Bull code system has been figured out.

Remember that Destiny-Red Bull promotional from way back when? Oh wait, I mean the one that officially kicked off two days ago. Anyways, the super-masterful generation system that was used for the redemption codes has already been “hacked” and I use that word lightly as it isn’t much of a hack.

We won’t go into exact details, but it has already been discovered that if you use a certain three numbers (e.g. 123), and a certain two letters (e.g. AB) combined in any order (e.g. 123AB12, 123A1B2, 123A12B, etc), that code will be accepted. No, the magic characters aren’t 123 or AB, but you get the idea.

Bungie   Code Redemption

Unfortunately reports are already coming in from legitimate customers having their codes denied for having already been redeemed  by someone else. Should you happen to be one of these victims, luckily Red Bull has already set up a contact page where you can send in a picture of your code and they will issue a replacement.

This is a one hell of a boondoggle for both parties, unfortunately right as Bungie is already having public relation issues over their The Taken King expansion pricing woes.

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