Bounty Issued On Best Destiny Players

Feb 3, 2015 by

Bungie puts a bounty on Team Invigorate this week in Destiny, rewarding any players lucky enough to take them down!

If you’ve ever been upset over someone being better than you at Destiny, you’ll now have the chance to tackle the best and the brightest. Invigorate Gaming, the same Destiny team that was first in line to conquer both raid bosses (Atheon and Crota), will spend this week battling members of the community, an event sponsored by Bungie that could earn players a specialized emblem.

Five members of Invigorate Gaming (LtJohn5, Luminosity48, Ewoktapus, iiskampii, and Luckycharm343) and Bungie community manager David Dague (DEEJ_BNG) will participate in a Destiny Control match on Wednesday, February 4, from 7-9PM PST on the PlayStation 4.

Any and all teams lucky enough to take down this legendary squad will receive the “emblem of legends” (shown below), setting them apart from the rest of the Destiny community. You can watch the events unfold via Bungie’s official Twitch channel.

Emblem of Legends
Emblem of Legends


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