Gamer’s Edition Starts Kerbal Space Program Campaign

Jun 4, 2015 by

Kerbal Space Program is getting a Gamer’s Edition release!

Gamer’s Edition, the same group that brought players the special edition of Hotline Miami, has turned its attention on a campaign for Kerbal Space Program.

With four years of open development and a recent April release date, Kerbal Space Program has garnered a large player audience. In order to “celebrate the game’s debut,” Gamer’s Edition has been tasked with providing players with the physical edition of the game.


Each uniquely numbered box run for $85 and features a Steam copy of the game, along with the following items (seen above):

●        Four hand-painted Kerbal figurines – Bill, Bob and Jebediah Kerman plus a standard Kerbalnaut, each showing varying emotional reactions to the adventure that awaits.
●        A stirring diorama backdrop – which optimistically suggests you have made it to the moon.
●        Official Kerbal Space Program mobile – allowing you to ponder the hypnotic vastness of space and the quantity of space junk and unlucky Kerbals you have scattered across it.
●        Official Kerbal Space Program patch – proudly displaying the Latin motto of the program: “Demum Pervenius” (lit. We’ll Get There Eventually.)

The Kerbal Space Program Gamer’s Edition campaign begins Thursday and will come to a close at midnight on July 30th. The collection is a one-off campaign, and can be purchased from the Gamer’s Edition website.

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