Gearbox’s Battleborn Gets Trailer, Details

Jun 4, 2015 by

Gearbox sheds some light on their new IP Battleborn!

New details regarding the new IP Battleborn were released announced Thursday by developer Gearbox.

Coming to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, this new shooter will feature MOBA qualities, a cast of 25 characters, and several different game modes. Players will be able to take on the story mode alone or with a group of four other friends, or can switch to multiplayer to participate in the following game modes:

  • Incursion: Defend home base from AI-controlled minions while trying to destroy the enemey base.
  • Devastation: Secure objectives in a fast-paced deathmatch.
  • Meltdown: Guide your minions towards the center of the map, where players can earn points for every minion that reaches the incinerator. Protect your minions from the enemy to insure they make it to the middle of the map.

Battleborn will also feature a Persistent Progression System,” outlined below:

  • Persistent Progression System: All experience points, whether earned through playing Battleborn’s Story Mode or Competitive Multiplayer modes, contribute to leveling up individual Character Rank, as well as player profile Command Rank:
    • Character Rank: Each hero can permanently rank up from 1 to 10 outside of missions and matches, allowing players to swap out augments in their helix skill tree, as well as unlock skins.
    • Command Rank: Players can rank-up their own player profile, unlocking badges and titles to impress friends, and loot that can be used to benefit any hero the player chooses to command.

Battleborn is scheduled to make a big appearance at E3 this month, and is rumored to have a 2016 release date. Check out the video and let us know what you think!

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