More Rewards Added for Techland/Dying Light #DrinkForDLC Campaign

Jun 25, 2015 by

Today Techland announced they’ve added DLC unlockables to their #DrinkForDLC campaign.

Following yesterday’s Destiny/Red Bull announcement, one developer decided to have some fun. Dying Light’s Techland playfully encouraged people to drink water in exchange for a free docket code that gives players a high-tier weapon to redeem in-game.

Who needs energy-drink endorsements when you have good ol’ H20? Techland also announced an additional level to their “Drink For DLC” campaign. New DLCs will be released throughout the second half of the year, which can be earned when fans reach successive stretch goals. These goals are achieved when fans post pictures of themselves drinking water on Twitter and tag them with #DrinkForDLC.


Techland is keeping fans informed on the campaign progress via the official Dying Light Twitter account and will announce the number of upcoming free DLCs by the end of July 2015.

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