New Hunters and Monster Coming to Evolve

Mar 19, 2015 by

Get ready to see some new faces at the end of March as Turtle Rock Studios and 2K Games roll out five new playable characters. Check them out here!

Monsters and Hunters alike have a reason to celebrate as Turtle Rock Studios and 2K games announce the arrival of five new playable characters, two new maps, and an Observer Mode, all coming to Evolve on March 31.

Broken Hill Mines, Broken Hill Foundry, and the Observer Mode, which are discussed in more detail here, will be free to players come the end of March. The new monster, described below, is free to those who pre-ordered the game, but also comes alongside the Monster Expansion pack for $15. The four new Hunters, also described below, are part of the Hunting Season Pass ($25), but can also be purchased individually at $7.50 a piece.


  • Torvald – Assault: cyborg with a mortar cannon arm
  • Slim – Medic: Insect/Human hybrid
  • Sunny – Support: equipped with a mini-nuke grenade launcher
  • Crow – Trapper: has a pet Batray for tracking Monsters


  • Behemoth – Massive monster that can roll across the map like a boulder

Those who don’t purchase any of the new characters will still be able to play against or with them online, a move that 2K claims will “add depth and replayability for the entire Evolve community without dividing players based on what additional content they own.”

You can check out the Behemoth reveal trailer (above) and some screenshots of the new characters (below)! Happy hunting, everyone!


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