Overlord: Fellowship of Evil Details Released

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New details have surfaced regarding Codemaster’s hinted Overlord expansion, Fellowship of Evil! Check it out!

As promised yesterday in a series recap video, Overlord developer Codemasters has released a ton of information regarding their upcoming RPG Overlord: Fellowship of Evil.

With a “devilishly good script written by the original’s award-winning scriptwriter Rhianna Pratchett,” Fellowship of Evil promises to deliver a “darkly comic” quest for players looking for something new in their adventure RPGs.

“Finally the secret dark rituals have paid off!” Rhianna Pratchett said, “I’m often asked if there’ll be another Overlord game, so it’s wonderful to be back in black helping to create a new carnage-filled evil ride. This is one game franchise which has been as fun to develop as it is to play, and Fellowship of Evil is no exception. And don’t worry, there will be sheepies. We have plans for them. Oh yes!”


Players will be tasked with selecting the role of one of four playable Netherghūls to bring evil to a collection of twisted worlds. In a series first, players will also be able to team up with three other players locally and online to spread chaos as a group, though Codemasters hint at being able to “to screw them over too.”


Also in a series first, Fellowship of Evil will be played from a top-down perspective, giving players control over the battlefield while simultaneously keeping an eye on  their buddies evil-doings. Along with whatever co-op baddies you can scrape together, Codemasters have also brought back the lovably dimwitted Minions for you to control.

According to Executive Producer Minion Mark Elser:

“We’ve been scheming about a new Overlord for some time. We really wanted to do something that would allow us be evil alongside our friends, instead of the normal heroics in every other game. The idea of playing as a team of bad guys commanding Minions to do our utmost bidding, while also causing chaos for each other, just really made us smile.  And as you know, an Overlord game never takes itself too seriously.”


Overlord: Fellowship of Evil will arrive in 2015 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Check out the screenshots and trailer above and tell us what you think…in the most evil voice possible, of course!


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