Endless Space 2 Reveals Contest and Trailers

Aug 11, 2016 by

Help Amplitude Studios design a new race for Endless Space 2!

Amplitude Studios, the studio behind Endless Space and Endless Legend, have released two trailers ahead of Gamescom for the upcoming Endless Space 2, revealing two races. The Sophons – analytical and knowledge-seeking – and the Cravers – dangerous and insectoid – return from the original Endless Space.

Amplitude has also announced a new contest, the Faction Creation Contest, in which fans can design the basis for a new race coming to Endless Space 2. Amplitude asks interested fans to submit their idea for a diplomatic race, through gameplay design, visual design, and narrative design. The contest runs from today, August 11th, through October 13th.

Endless Space 2 enters Steam Early Access this summer.

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