The Trailer for Halo 5’s Free Infinity’s Armory DLC is Here!

Jan 21, 2016 by

Halo 5’s free DLC Infinity’s Armory is coming next week, and the trailer has just released!

Infinity's Armory

Halo 5 is looking to start 2016 with a bang. 343 just released a trailer for yet another free DLC map pack, Infinity’s Armory, which includes a new Warzone map titled Urban, a new Arena map called Riptide, and a host of weapon/armor/assassination skins, including the classic skin for the Halo 2 Battle Rifle!

Urban is described as one of Warzone’s most open maps, with long sight lines set against the aftermath of the Human-Covenant war.

Riptide is an arena map set in an old terraforming station with twisting passages through sand and steel.

Finally, the new armor and weapons look amazing, and bringing back the fan-favorite Halo 2 battle rifle is sure to be a hit. Be sure to check out the trailer above, and keep checking Gizorama for more gaming news.

Infinity’s Armory is set to release sometime next week, and the Gizorama team will be streaming it live on launch day.

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