BATTLECREW Space Pirates Goes Free to Play

Jul 11, 2017 by

BATTLECREW Space Pirates officially leaves Steam Early Access today, launching a free version to take its place.

The indie space shooter BATTLECREW Space Pirates officially leaves Steam Early Access today, launching a free version to take its place. The decision comes after 5 months of Early Access development. Players using the free version of the game will have access to the entirety of existing content, the only catch being that they will be given a limited number of “game credits”, allowing them to try the game. For an analogy, think in terms of arcade tokens or quarters. Credits will be renewed each day, so free players can come back to the action if they should run dry.

Those who have already purchased the game will receive unlimited credits and be able to play the game as much as they please. In addition, paid players will have the ability to form in-game crews, as well as hand out some of their unlimited credit stashes to other players. As a show of gratitude for their support, Early Access players will receive the BATTLECREW Space Pirates Deluxe Edition free of charge, which includes 24 exclusive pirate skins.

For the uninitiated, BATTLECREW Space Pirates is the premier title from the independent game studio DONTNOD ELEVEN. Aside from their affinity for capital letters, the studio specializes in cooperative and competitive multiplayer experiences, both of which they attempt to deliver in BATTLECREW. Players are encouraged to cooperate as they blast their way through hectic rounds of team-based combat. 4 unique classes are available to all players to suit several playstyles and add some strategic depth.

For those interested in trying the game out, it is available now on the official Steam page. The developers encourage anybody with feedback on the game to post to their official forums, which can be found here.

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