Call of Duty WWII Officially Announced

By: on April 21, 2017

It’s official, after much speculation fueled by Sledgehammer Games’s statement that Call of Duty is going back to its roots, Call of Duty WWII has been announced. The full reveal is still a week off, but we did get a simple teaser image of a hardened, young soldier on a grey background. This leaves the whole weekend for the internet to speculate, bash, and praise Sledgehammer’s move, until more information is revealed on the live stream, April 26th 10AM PST.

While Call of Duty Infinite Warfare sold well, it did not hit the numbers Activision was expecting, and also had the honor of receiving the record for most Disliked game trailer of all time on YouTube. Now, it seems that Sledgehammer is taking a page out of Battlefield 1’s book, and moving back in time once more. Only time will tell if this move will take the series back to its former glory, or if this game will end up being a gimmick, capitalizing on the positive sentiment wave of Battlefield 1.

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