Microsoft Upgrades Beam Service to Mixer

May 25, 2017 by

Microsoft re-brands their streaming service and adds new features along the way.

Today Microsoft made some big changes to their live streaming service.

Welcome to the next generation of live streaming. You may have known us as Beam, but today we evolve into Mixer, the only live streaming platform with subsecond latency through FTL technology, interactivity with streamers where you can influence the game, and built‑in broadcasting on Xbox One.

Mixer also brings a slew of new features to the table including a new co-streaming ability where up to 4 streamers can combine their streams into a single viewer experience, as well as Mixer Create (now in beta), a new mobile app that enables self-broadcasting, with the upcoming ability to stream live gameplay from your mobile device.

If you have or haven’t tried the old Beam service, let us know what you think about the new features in Mixer.

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