RAID: World War II Aims to Bring PAYDAY to the Western Front

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In this historical shooter, players can destroy the Third Reich and get rich while doing it

Backed by former OVERKILL developers, this newest wartime shooter seeks to translate bank robbing to Nazi fighting, all while getting rich along the way. Created by Croatian studio Lion Game Lion, Raid: World War II is a cooperative shooter that will feel familiar to veterans of the PAYDAY franchise.

Led by game director Ilija Petrusic, co-founder of OVERKILL Software and lead level designer for both PAYDAY titles, the team took obvious inspiration from the balance between stealth and gunplay for which the bank-heisting series is known. Even built from the same Diesel 2.0 engine, the game looks and feels like a spiritual successor to the developer’s roots.

However, these systems have been transferred into the brutal world of the Second World War. Following a rag-tag band of POWs in Nazi Germany, players seek to get rich and take down the Reich in one fell swoop. Choosing from one of four classes (Recon, Assault, Insurgent or Demolitions), players will have to work together to complete objective-based missions. While raiding encampments to disabling aircraft guns, the team will traverse locations ranging from the bridges over the Elbe to the heart of Berlin itself. According to the developers, RAID seeks to tell some of the smaller stories of the war.

Incorporating mechanics like character-specific War Cries, “Challenge Cards”, and a replay-friendly “operations mode”, OVERKILL fans might find a lot to explore in Lion Gate Lion’s newest release. To reward the player base’s loyalty, there is even a 10% price discount for current owners of PAYDAY 2. What remains to be seen is if RAID can ever reach the popularity of its predecessors. There were already criticisms among the PAYDAY community about the Diesel engine being outdated, and the tech has only gotten older since PAYDAY 2‘s release. Only time will tell if Lion Game Lion has harnessed it to its fullest potential.

RAID: World War II released Sept. 26th, 2017, and is available on Steam for PC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One releases are slated for October 10th. 

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