Tree of Life to Leave Early Access, Release Date Announced for August

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OddoneGames is back to reclaim it’s throne, just announcing the full release of Tree of Life for early August.

In the Spring of 2015, an ambitious little game appeared on the Steam Early Access catalogs. That game, OddoneGames’ Tree of Life, boasted itself as an open world MMO where players could explore and construct settlements almost anywhere they wanted. Unsurprisingly, such promises piqued the interests of players, sending the game soaring to 34,000 copies sold by the end of its second month and even reaching the second most popular game on Steam, for a time. Now, OddoneGames is back to reclaim it’s throne, just announcing the full release of Tree of Life for early August.

For the uninitiated, Tree of Life is an MMO sandbox survival game, utilizing a system of ‘Voxels’ to compose its building and world creation systems. Exploration is touted as a primary part of the game, and as such, the developers have created a huge open world for players to discover. In addition, players can pursue material gathering and crafting, to create better gear for themselves and expand their fort. Think Rust or Minecraft, but on a massive scale.

Veterans of the game should find a lot to love in the new release. The newly developed “Clay 2 Engine” will be fully implemented in the August release, boasting a significant improvement to graphics overall. In addition, a full UI overhaul should bring the game up to usable, industry standards, and fix one of the glaring flaws in the Early Access version. Be on the lookout for greater PVP interactions too, as OddoneGames claims to have massively improved that aspect of the game, declaring that the game will be “more enjoyable, but also more intense.” We can only hope that the title can live up to its promise.

The game will launch in early August, with support for English and Korean languages. Expect expanded support to German, Russian, Brazilian-Portuguese, French and Simplified Chinese by the end of 2017. The opening of Tree of Life’s Public Test Realm, as well as the exact date for the official release, will be released in the coming days on the official Steam page.

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