Three Online Games Based on the Marvel Franchise

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Fans of the Marvel franchise are nothing if not insatiable. Despite the mile-long reels of footage, and the seemingly endless spin-offs, reboots, and origin stories, there remains a thirst to be slaked, with games, TV series, and merchandise being produced at a rate rarely matched in the course of cinematic history.

This type of obsessive fandom is good news to anyone in the creative fields, as it effectively provides a rich pool of myth, lore and characters to dive into – not to mention all the pre-fluffed fans. However, this is most noticeable in online gaming, where independent developers are taking the Marvel mythos into new and exciting places.

Below, we count down the three best examples of Marvel-inspired online gaming, sorting the Hulks from the Hawkeyes once and for all.

Marvel Future Fight

This Arena-style RPG was released in 2015 for Android and iOS.  In a team-based brawl through iconic locations, you’re tasked with the most difficult job in the whole of Marvel: building a complimentary and synergistic fighting force. As Nick Fury will attest, this is no mean feat, and requires in-depth knowledge of every character’s strengths and weaknesses.

On the opposing roster, a collection of Marvel’s most devious and dastardly and there to oppose you. From Doctor Octopus to Loki, Marvel Future Fight brings evil-doers from far and wide. Ultimately, it’s this ensemble quality which stands MFF out from the competition, and secures it a spot on this list. It should be said like, as the vast majority of smartphone games nowadays, this is a free-to-play title with in-app purchases.

That said, the gameplay itself is quite sophisticated. The upgrade system is relatively diverse, allowing you to customise skills and equipment while the second-by-second action is rather high-octane for an RPG. Plus, the storyline, while not cinema quality, is clearly more than an afterthought.

Marvel Roulette

This is quite a surprising title, especially to the uninitiated to the world of online casino games or iGaming. Yes, there is in fact an officially licensed Marvel Roulette, created by developer Playtech. Branded casino games seem to be on the rise, building on the success of themed slots games one step further. Blending comic book tones and cinematic character designs with a twist on the popular casino game, Marvel Roulette on bgo online roulette largely plays the same as American roulette elevated by the presence of Marvel characters and sounds. Players can land on the Marvel Bonus spot rather than a double-zero space. This bonus leads to a three reel slot mini-game in which players who manage to line up the Marvel symbols win a bonus cash prize. The game also features the Marvel Mystery Jackpot, a progressive jackpot shared between all Marvel casino games that can be won on any random spin.

It’s unsurprising that an increasing number of online casino operators are looking towards mainstream pop culture IPs in order to draw in more players. In a similar fashion to the Marvel crossover, online casino operators including Slot Boss have roulette games based on a range of franchises including family favourite board game Monopoly; similarly to Marvel Bingo, the Monopoly: Hot Properties Roulette game offers players the chance to enter a cash-prize mini-game where they are presented with iconography taken from the family-favorite original.

Spider-Man Venom’s Vengeance

Though essentially undifferentiated from the retro classic Block Breaker, at least in terms of gameplay, this nonetheless addictive game makes use of one the Marvel franchise’s most legendary and long-fought feuds: that of Spider-Man VS Venom.

First shown on the big screen in 2007, in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, the conflict between these two comic book titans left a lot to be desired. Through a combination of budget, script and communication problems, the final result suffered terribly. Neither hero nor villain was well realized in terms of acting or special effects, and the narrative that brought the two together was similarly lackluster. Though Venom’s Vengeance of course cannot quite make up for what fans have lost, it is their passion for these characters which makes this game more than another retro clone.

As the player progresses through the game, the arrangement of Venom’s dastardly bricks presents increasing difficulties, with some placed lower down, and others in positions as to make the ball’s return less predictable. The gameplay is also nicely intercut with Spidey and Venom talking trash to one another, recalling the classic insults of their comic-book rivalry.

So, whether it’s bgo’s roulette wheel with a twist, or a more traditional incarnation of your favorite crime stoppers, there’s no shortage of online games making use of the MCU, and with a host of sequels on the way, the inspiration is set to keep on flowing

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