Can Gaming be used as a marketing tool?

Jul 28, 2017 by

In recent years, gaming has become a widely enjoyed hobby for many people across various demographics. Increasing the audience for the industry, many brands are seeking ways in which they can work hand in hand with the gaming industry to appeal to this new group of consumers.

Video games have now become a way in which advertisers can promote their brands. This concept known as advergaming is quite interactive and appeals to many consumers. To further increase its reach, social media sites like Facebook have been quick to embrace advergaming.

There have been many games created with the intent of advertising a brand. A popular one is Sneak King which originated as an Xbox game to promote the fast food giant, Burger King. The game was distributed with their extra value meals where purchasers were given a link with a key code to download one of several games. Chipotle Mexican Grill is another entrepreneur who is taking advantage of the popular concept of advergaming. Not only do they offer a game but a short film as well to help promote their aim to use local and organic ingredients in their food.

Companies have been quick to utilise the online gambling industry as a way of marketing their product, with the opportunity to get involved playing roulette on your mobile phone and a wide range of other games that can all be played at all times of the day, the industry has become very popular among players. Slot machine games in particular have seen a spike in the number of players, this has caused companies to seize the opportunity and promote various sports and movies via this platform. Many slot machine games have been created around the World Cup as well as other football themes. The film industry often created slot machines to help promote their movies by including clips of the movie to get players excited about the film. This was done as a marketing strategy to promote ‘The Dark Knight’.

Gaming has proven to be a successful marketing tool as it permits the intended audience to interact with the advertising. This results in not only an engaging experience but a memorable one as well.

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