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Slot machines are among the most-played games all over the world. Their popularity has kept growing ever since their invention over a century ago, and their (relatively) recent transition to the internet has allowed them to reach literally millions of players all over the world. Today, you can find slot machines at gas stations, lottery offices, pubs, not to mention casino lobbies in Las Vegas and beyond, and they are also among the most-played games online, being there both in app marketplaces and gaming portals, and a series of real-money online gaming venues like the 7Sultans Casino. And their numbers keep growing every month: developers keep pumping out better and better games each year, improving their visuals, sounds, and gameplay with every iteration.

The tens of thousands of people who thrilling online casino games at 7Sultans week after week can expect a treat this year, a game that breaks the boundaries between social games and slot machines: Castle Builder II.

About the game

Slot machines are perhaps the simplest games ever invented. The player has nothing to do but feed them with credits and wait for their reels to stop at a winning combination. This might sound boring for some, but you would be surprised how many fans these simple games have – apps like Slotomania or DoubleDown are constantly among the most-played (and most profitable) games on smartphones, especially in North America and Australia.

Castle Builder II, an upcoming game at the 7Sultans Casino, will not be a social game, yet it borrows several elements that make them popular – namely progression, experience points, and achievements. Players will have the chance to join either Sam or Mandy, the two builders initially available in the game, in their quest to do their jobs across the 15 kingdoms of the game: build a total of 75 castles and never run out of money. The building part will be simple and captivating: players will need to spin the reels of a slot machine to gather the materials needed to complete each phase of the project. Once a rack of materials is gathered, it is used to build another phase, until the project is complete. When the building is done, the kingdom’s prince or princess moves in, and the suitors arrive, each one with a different purse as a bonus for the builder.

Castle Builder II is the first slot machine to shift focus from the “coin collecting” nature of the game toward a more exciting and captivating way of playing, and it has the potential to pin its players to the screen for hours at a time. The game is currently exclusive to an Austrian online gaming venue – it will be released globally in the second half of 2017.

About the developer

Castle Builder II was built by Rabcat, an Austrian company with a well-sounding name in the world of online gambling. Its contribution to “proper” gaming is also significant: for years, Rabcat has contributed with game art, vehicle design, building design, and weapons design to quite a few well-known titles, including the Forza and the Dirt series, PayDay 2, and most recently, the incredibly successful Overwatch. At the same time, it has released some of the most beautiful and feature-rich slot machines of the industry, offering amazing visuals and big wins to its players.

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