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Ever since its humble beginnings more than 20 years ago the ‘Tomb Raider’ has grown into a worldwide phenomena and making an iconic hero of its leading lady, Miss Lara Croft.

When the original ‘Tomb Raider’ game arrived on consoles way back in 1996 it sold more than 7.5 million copies and very quickly cemented itself in the annals of gaming history.

It was a revolutionary new style of gaming which used a number of innovative new styles and extremely sophisticated gaming mechanics and graphics which at the time were quite groundbreaking.

As with many gaming franchises its can be difficult to retain interest from players especially when you start to unveil sequel after sequel. It’s important to be able to provide loyal fans with story and character developments and keep things exciting and fresh whilst also being able to draw in a new generation of players.

Many potential franchises have fallen down and weakened significantly as they have progressed but the ‘Tomb Raider’ franchise has managed to maintain its success and keep a steady level of quality throughout the years.

Over the next few years there were a number of sequels released each bringing their own style and qualities whilst still attempting to maintain those incredible qualities first introduced to us in the original.

By the turn of the century the game had sold millions around the world and Lara Croft had swiftly become a legendary gaming character and one that certainly paved the way for a number of leading female gaming characters in the future.

‘Tomb Raider’ has created a legacy within gaming and with technology within the industry itself changing constantly it’s a franchise that has had to keep up with the times, and something it has done pretty well in order to stay on top.

The games themselves have been developed for a variety of gaming platforms and it’s certainly a great action-packed game that can easily translate to most gaming devices.

So when the mobile gaming industry began to thrive developers were there to recreate some tomb raiding classics as well as generating brand new games in the series for smartphone owners to be able to enjoy.

This has lead to some weird Tomb Raider Games such as ‘Lara Croft: Relic Run’ which is a departure from the usual style we’re used to but still fun nonetheless.

Of course it’s not always been a simple matter of redeveloping or rehashing old ideas. What makes the franchise stay on top is its ability to adapt and when things may not be hitting all the right notes it could be time for a do-over, and back in 2013 that’s exactly what the franchise did.

A ‘Tomb Raider’ arrived on shelves acting as series reboot which would focus once more on the origins of Miss Croft. This was followed up a couple of years later with ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ where the action switched to Siberia and the graphics, gameplay and characterisations continued to improve and impress players and critics alike.

It’s been a reboot that has simply further solidified this long-running franchises’ position in gaming.

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