Crystal Dynamics adds top talent from Naughty Dog, Visceral Game for Avengers Game

Jan 24, 2018 by

Shaun Escayg and Stephen Barry join Crystal Dynamics to work on the upcoming (and mysterious) Avengers project.

Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind the Tomb Raider series and the upcoming Avengers game, have announced the hiring of two top-level talents from Naughty Dog (Uncharted, The Last of Us) and Visceral Games (Dead Space) to work on their upcoming (and secretive) Avengers game.

Shaun Escayg will serve as the Creative Director, while Stephen Barry will operate as the Director of Production.

Escayg was the Creative Director and writer for the recent Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and was the Director of Photography and Animation Supervisor on The Last of Us. Prior to his experience at Naughty Dog, Escayg worked as an animator at Industrial Light and Magic.

Barry held several positions at EA, including Director of Product Development at Visceral Games, including work on the Dead Space series. Barry has been in the industry for 27 years, and commented “Crystal’s been around almost as long as I’ve been in the business. The immediate chemistry and camaraderie has been exactly what I’d hoped for.”

Little is known of Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers game, and a Tomb Raider sequel is rumored to still be in the works, though this game has yet to have been announced.

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