Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey Coming to Steam Early 21019

Proud Dinosaurs announced today that their debut game, Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey, will be coming to PC in Q1 2019. The 2.5D puzzle platformer will take players on a fully voiced story-driven experience of a mother bilby trying to find her children during a hurricane.

The game is set to feature a professionally scored soundtrack and the developers are looking to deliver an emotionally charged narrative set in a magical fantasy world. Players set off on the quest to find the children coming across a wide assortment of creatures and obstacles all the while the flooding of the world is getting worse.

“Our studio was founded by a group of friends who love games and the experiences they can provide. We wanted to create something that pulled at people’s emotional strings but provided a solid gameplay challenge backed with a distinctive art style and top audio performances.” Says Cagan Yanilmaz Producer at Proud Dinosaurs.

Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey will be coming to Steam Q1 of 2019 for $9.99.

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