Super Mario Odyssey is getting free Balloon DLC

Jan 11, 2018 by

Hide balloons, and let Luigi try to find them!

The Nintendo Switch had one of the greatest launch years ever, and Super Mario Odyssey was largely responsible for that success. Released in October 2017, the game reached meteoric heights on Metacritic, with a score of 97.

The adventure looks to continue next month, as a multiplayer mode will come out for free.

The mode tasks one player with hiding several balloons around a level (the only level shown in the trailer is New Donk City, so maybe that’s the only level featured in the new mode), while another player is tasked with finding them. It sounds simple, yet fun, very much in line with what made Mario Odyssey so special.

Super Mario Odyssey’s new DLC will also feature new costumes for Mario, including a Mario Sunshine themed outfit, a musician’s outfit, and a full armor set costume.

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