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The Google Play Store is a hive of activity for innovative technology and terrific Android apps. Consider that there are well over 1 million Android apps on the market, and there are billions upon billions of downloads to date. Most high-quality Android apps come at a premium. However, upon closer inspection you will find an incredible variety of amazing Android apps that you simply have to have. There are many apps to download for a myriad of purposes, including weather apps, apps that lock your other apps up, communication apps, credit-score apps, game apps, opinion-style apps, and many others. We will be exploring 5 of the finest free Android apps you can get.

1. Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

Messenger is one of the most widely used apps at the Google Play Store, and it’s available for free. Provided by the world’s #1 social media platform – Facebook – Messenger allows you to send messages to anyone on a personal basis, or via a group chat function. You can add visual effects and all sorts of artwork to videos and photographs, and you can also make video calls from anywhere. Messenger has been rated 4.0/5 by 50,505,943 people. It is a great way to connect with businesses, individuals, friends, and family. Plus, Messenger allows users to check orders, make online reservations, compare sports stats, play games and more.

2. Snapchat

Snapchat, developed by Snap Inc. has a rating of 4.1/5 from 14,410,110 people. The app has been installed between 500 million and 1 billion times. Snapchat is a social media platform that allows people to live in the moment with animated entertainment, stickers, Bitmojis and the like. It also includes all manner of communication options, real-time updates from news, media and entertainment sources and the like. Snapchat’s biggest plus is its anonymity. Indeed, the logo of Snapchat is a cloaked ghost – so you simply live in the moment without worrying about anything. While Snapchat deletes content, users who receive messages can easily capture screenshots of content and post them on other social media platforms.

3. Toy Crush

Puzzle-style games are a dime a dozen. But the good ones are hard to find. One of the best puzzle-style games currently on the market is a Cube Game created by Ilyon. This brain game is free to download and install, and fully compatible with Android smartphones and tablets across the board. Players get to enjoy puzzle-solving sessions, cube-blasting madness, and incredible boosts throughout the game. It’s a smorgasbord of fun for everyone, and the app has been rated 4.5/5 from 1,739 reviewers. Players also get to enjoy added tools and resources such as Rockets, Bombs, Colour Wheels. To get started with this puzzle-style game, simply download the app to your device and train your brain in the most entertaining way possible.

4. Coinbase – Buy Bitcoin & More. Secure Wallet

If you’re new on the trading scene, you may have heard about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and others. All this talk of digital currencies, blockchain, buying and selling intangible assets is a little confusing. However, if you download the Coinbase app – for free – you can instantly connect your credit card or bank account and start trading like a pro. Real-time market updates on Bitcoin prices, Ethereum prices and Litecoin prices are available to you. Simply connect your bank account or credit card, securely store your digital assets, and you’re golden. This app is trusted by millions of users and has garnered a 4.3/5 rating by 118,595 reviewers. With 1 million – 5 million installations to date, it is the #1 best way to buy and sell digital currency. This app is available to Android users for free.

5. Uber

The world’s #1 ridesharing app – Uber is making more of an impact on the travel industry than anything else. This disruptive social transportation app is the brainchild of Travis Kalanick. With Uber Technologies, you get to request a ride 24/7, wait for a driver, and enjoy a safe ride to wherever it is that you need to go. The app and the services provided by the Uber app are available in over 630 cities worldwide. The app has a rating of 4.2/5 from over 4,050,000 users, and you also get to enjoy a personal promotion for signing up with the service through a friend. Uber now offers Uber Eats for local food produce as well. This technology is disrupting traditional taxi organizations and enterprises around the world.

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